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Hi! This isn't quite ready yet, but thanks for peeking anyways!

Table of Contents

The Four Courts:
Sea / Land / Mire / Mist

Highers - Celestials / Highers - Stars

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Court of Sea

moon worshippers


A Low Prince. Unmarked, Apolune waited with bated breath for his Claiming ceremony - only to find himself cursed as the only new god to ever be Unclaimed.

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A High King. Though many enjoy his jokes, he is almost never found at home - instead working as a warrior to purge monsters and Courtless threats.

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A High Empress. The one who has taken to the new world the easiest, with a burning drive to impress and demandingly-high expectations of those under her banner.

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La Salla

A High King. Lives isolated in the northern reaches of the Court territory and maintains an ice wall that keeps monsters out. Likes making ice sculptures!

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Lacus Mare

A Low King. A wallflower of an idealist whose talent is swiftly befriending just about anyone he meets. A cheery demeanor belies the eclipse-thinker.

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Court of Land

sun worshippers


A High King. One of the oldest new gods, his eye for investment elevated him as he helped kickstart the new economy. However, his wealth cannot buy companionship.

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A Low Duke. Shy, nervous, and without much impressive under his belt, most only know Stibi as Aure's most beloved - a title that seems alien to unassuming Stibi.

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A High Empress. Tired but resolute, she strives to be a moral and just role model for the new gods, but struggles to shake the feeling of futility that plagues her.

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Court of Mire

wet moon worshippers

Arsia Collis

A High Emperor. Ambitious to the point of threatening, he smugly overtook the Mire after its Empress attempted to "free" it from the clutches of the Highers.

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A Low King. An explorer of the Forbidden Places and archivist of star charts, though his impatience and distaste for Arsia Collis have stalled his expeditions.

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A High King. An eccentric oracle-and-gossip whose life finally clicked into place when he met Arsia Collis, object of his undying love and devoted worship.

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Court of Mist

wet sun worshippers


A High Empress. A calm and graceful leader, who values consistency and patience above all else, and is often turned to for guidance or advice by her fellow Empresses.

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Once a genius inventor and brother of Aure, though his name has been struck from history - as he long ago denounced the Courts as suffocating and fled them.

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Once a High Empress of the Mire - who once gathered her people to rant against the Courts. She was nearly smote by Lunis himself, but escaped and is at large.

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Highers - Celestials

the actually important ones

of Lunis

The supreme god of the Moon. Known for testing his followers' loyalty and dedication through tricks, secrets, change, and challenges. Impatient and rageful.

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of Solis

The supreme god of the Sun. Known for his undying affection for mortals and habit of giving them one too many chances at redemption. Generous and warm.

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of the Lunar Eclipse

A controversial god of slow unfamiliarity. Those Claimed by him lose themselves piece by piece over the years, new identities forged unwillingly, harbingers of change.

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of the Solar Eclipse

A controversial god of rapid unfamiliarity. Those Claimed by him are heralds of swift change, uncomfortable harbingers bearing a powerful weight.

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Highers - Stars

less important gods

of the Merciful West Star

One of the Cardinal Stars, who travels the world on an endless cyclical journey. The personable extrovert, who regales mortals with tales of their pilgrimage.

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of the Persevering North Star

One of the Cardinal Stars, who travels the world on an endless cyclical journey. The planner and fretter of the quartet, who often comes across as exasperated.

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