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Hi! This isn't quite ready yet, but thanks for peeking anyways!

Table of Contents

Heaven Colony / Telestia Subcolony / Hell Colony

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Heaven Colony



Heaven's diplomat, who still harbors hope for peace despite eons of war. With strong ideals, he sees himself as the moral compass for much of the colony.

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An easy-going doctor with a penchant for mischief and a secret, surprising, long-standing relationship with his long-standing and suffering patient, Uriel.

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The founder of Heaven, who maintains a casual, flirtatious, and humorous demeanor to cover up his soul-crushing trauma and self-loathing.

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A natural-born leader who fell into step to support Michael, single-mindedly adoring him. As Director of Internal, renown for his gentle nature and demeanor.

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An up-and-coming young mage within Heaven's army, whose skill, confidence, and use of spears has left many drawing uncomfortable parallels to Lucifer.

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Telestia Subcolony


No characters yet!

Hell Colony



The bright Head of Raids, adept at strategy and magery alike. Despite his reputation, he still feels self-conscious over being a 'half-gyne'.

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A ditzy and caring aner who works as Hell's diplomat, a depreciated position that means he typically only serves as Allocer's errand-boy and secretary.

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Hell's lively and practical Ergate Manager and talented Wardmaster, known for his dash of unrepentant sass and heaps of praise levied on his best workers.

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The founder of Hell, who was mortified when Satan won leadership from him and self-isolated ever since. His relationship with Allocer pulled him out of solitude.

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An overconfident hypermage gyne-turned-aner who became Hell's leader after putting himself through unspeakable trauma. Erratic and off-putting, but well-meaning.

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A Magister Director with strange ideas about the dangers of battlefields and an erratic demeanor - but excels at his job, and gets away with more than expected.

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A tall aner, and Hell's Director of Internal Affairs. Despite the publicity of his position, he prefers to work in the shadows, pulling strings as a manipulator.

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