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Flameverse Nation: The Sendrean Kingdoms


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Note: Sendrea's capital, Sav Hollow, is not considered a proper "city" as it does not have a permanent populace - it is simply the meeting grounds for the individual cities' leaders to discuss the nation as a whole.

Table of Contents

Lower Savalla
La‑Flor‑Eterna / Alma‑Flows‑Rio / Vacuna‑on‑Savalla‑Side / Corcel‑Viaje / Caja‑Evera / Mar‑ve‑Mar / Selva‑Rides‑Low
Upper Savalla
Ridge‑Sobre‑Edge / Gloria‑des‑Nobles / Among‑Marisma / Verano‑Sea‑Breeze / Levels‑Acerca‑River

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--- Lower Savalla ---


The seat of House Equeflore, situated on the mouth of the Savalla,
and one of Sendrea's largest cities due to tourism and immigration.

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The seat of House Kattlevern, situated on fertile wildlands,
and bustling with immigrants looking for a quieter place to settle.

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The seat of House Quarteelia, situated on dry badlands,
who pride themselves on being Sendrea's premier standing military.

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The seat of House Dhlexevm, situated in Sendrea's breadbasket,
who produce many of the nation's raw goods for processing in Caja-Evera.

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The seat of House Reverstia, situated a stone's toss from Corcel-Viaje,
a place of many factories and plants for production and refinement.

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The seat of House Lluuna, situated in the shadow of Sav's Ridge,
boasting a tourism industry due to its limestone caverns and gemstones.

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The seat of House Nolvune, situated at the base of the Ridge,
one half of the locks system and buyer of many goods to ship and down the Savalla.

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--- Upper Savalla ---


The seat of House Covingbeck, situated on the top of Sav's Ridge,
controller of the locks system and trade kingpins of Upper Savalla.


A forgotten child of the sprawling Covingbeck house with a fascination of Flame and a burning desire to visit (and immigrate?) to the Holy Empire.

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The seat of House Lavaranna, situated overlooking the southern sea,
home to the greatest academies, wealth, and power in the nation.


The Lavaranna family head, and undisputed leader of Sendrea. She inherited the crown after her older sister's death - which was rife with speculation.

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The seat of House Morduva, situated deep in the high swamps,
a reclusive place with powerful and xenophobic mages.

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The seat of House Heminghous, situated at the lip of the Jasmine Pine Range,
a sleepy community filled with retired merchants, politicians, and artisans.

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The seat of House Jallvyon, situated on the border of Sendrea and the Holy Empire,
allied closely with the Empire and importer of many of its Flames.


The unwilling heir to the Jallvyon family, and the only noble capable of carrying on the family blood, despite his attempts to flee onto ships and travel the world.

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The current Jallvyon head, seeking to purge a dark secret from the family bloodline at all costs - which requires Cer's unwilling contributions.

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