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Flameverse Nation: The Holy Empire


our emperor is kinda cool, huh

Table of Contents

The City Canthores / The Faxtory / Canheim City / Demolica / Pedian / First Passing / Small Villages / Empire Vassals

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The City Canthores

big place


Head of Security for the Canthores palace, a job he obsesses over. His untraceable lineage and obscured history is not questioned in the haven of the Empire.

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A Harbinger Flame with a terrible curse that rots her body. She lived alone in a quiet tower until Peaches purged the decay with his Flame, and continues to heal her.

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A friendly, but strict Flame who often ends up taking new Flames under his wing to teach them about Court and its expectations. Is everywhere at once.

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The Emperor's personal guard, whose family has served the crown for generations. She blamed herself heavily for Nereen's death and seeks to prove herself.

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A skilled soot-seer and the Flame who tutored Peaches when he was first brought to Court, despite being notoriously antisocial and difficult to influence.

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The Holy Emperor, bearer of two godly Flames, shrouded in mystery after Nereen's untimely demise. Despite his poise and grace, he was once an illiterate farmboy.

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The Faxtory

robot time


The only Flame who has discovered the secret of making lifelike robots. Lives alone in his factory with a plethora of robots, as he dislikes the company of 'real' people.

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Lurifax's magnum opus, a powerful robot capable of hunting down and recapturing his lost construct, Jrigette. However, it seems to be developing its own sapience....

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Canheim City

superstitious forest


A service robot who was separated from his peers and accidentally stoked his own Dominion Flame, granting him sapience. Lives in hiding in the Jasmine Pine Range.

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An ancient Flame who keeps to himself and travels across the Empire. In recent times, he's settled down on the Jasmine outskirts and has become a local legend.

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guarding the river


A Flame who claims his Throne was once a Dominion. He seeks to re-empower it through establishing dozens of inns across the Empire, stamped with his family name.

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southernmost city in the world

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First Passing

the border town

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Small Villages

various unnamed places

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Empire Vassals

under their jurisdiction


The crude and sadistic Flame of the Marbled Slopes, who turns mortals into statues if they trespass. Believes vocally in the inherent superiority of Flames.

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The Dominion Flame who heads the Bonegrave cult, and one of the oldest known Flames across the world. Quiet and reclusive, but friendly to his fellow Flames.

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