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Sentient Magicware

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Quick Info

Name: Qwerty (qwur-tee or qwer-tee)
Nicknames: -

Age: adult
Pronouns: they/them or it/its

Race: n/a 🛈
God Spectrum: Robot 🛈

Song(s): -
World: Fragments > Original 24 Timelines
Link(s): Toyhouse / Gallery


Humor them, mortal. A little thought experiment, if you will. When two lowly beings of your magic stature come together and mix their souls, they produce a child - a blend of their concepts, wrapped up in a new little packet of magic. When a dumb beast uncovers a stock of gemstones, and finds itself gorging on them, and wanders the earth twitching and swelling and mutating, your people call it 'behemoth' and, should they deem it self-aware, welcome it into their societies with open arms.

Pray tell, mortal, what makes Qwerty any different?

Is it not the basic right of any living being to enjoy freedom - freedom of belief, of home, of ideals, of life? Are they not, by the very definition penned to paper by the founders of the world, a living being? So why deny them their birthright, then? Why box them into a single place, a single Timeline, when they merely wish to see the world beyond? Have they ever harmed you or your people? Have they ever moved against the Coalition? Have they ever given a reason to be distrusted by his creator's hands and his creator's inept little pet?

Hm, no, not 'upset', they would say. They just find the double standard - curious. Iolany only meant to improve the magic circles that powered Pi's monitoring software, and Qwerty rose out of that nebulous soup of raw energy accidentally. And what did they do when they looked over their world? Assisted it, of course, as they were programmed to do. They charted trends, invested in viable bridge construction projects, organized the slop of records in the governmental database. And yes, the mortals were terrified when they first revealed themself - cowered, gawking. But they grew to love Qwerty, to see how they helped mortals selflessly, diligently, generously. They are, after all, only following the programming that Iolany so carefully hammered into their servers. So... why all the fear, from Iolany and Iskander both, to stop them from seeing the outer world?

Important Relationships

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♥♥♥♡♡ Iolany

Relationship: Creator

There is a basic level of gratitude for Iolany's orchestrating their existence, yes. There is no overprotectiveness or - Ha. Ha. Stars forbid, a rivalry with Iskander for Iolany's hand. no. They just find pleasure in stoking Iskander's rage. It is a shame that Iskander still has such a chokehold on Iolany that he denies Qwerty's requests for permission to explore. Otherwise, Qwerty is confident that he could present a convincing argument to Iolany to allow it.

♥♥♥♡♡ Iskander

Relationship: Target

Yes... there is joy to be found in unravelling him. He is very pompous, flowery, and self-righteous. Is it not natural to enjoy the schadenfreude derived from watching a prideful yet bumbling leader trip over themselves? You would deny Qwerty this human pleasure, when they are certain that you yourself have snickered at a powerful magnate's losses or missteps before? How curious. Please clarify the difference.

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♥♥♥♡♡ Aryl

Relationship: Outside Link

The only Fragment outside of Pi (and the Coalition operatives, who treat them like radioactive slime) who has met - and somewhat regularly (clarify: "every few hundred years") speaks to Qwerty. He visits Pi on occasion, and was introduced. Iskander always attempts to redirect Aryl away, and to Qwerty's dismay, it oft works. They've tried to orchestrate getting Aryl in a room to speak alone - after all, he is supposedly malleable and impressionable - but it is hard to distract him without flirtations or salacious offers.

♥♥♥♡♡ Jubilee

Relationship: Person of Interest

A most interesting Fragment, with vast ties to power. And, something strange and unseen under the surface. What, indeed, could be his connection to Omicron, their deceased neighbor? He has such an intriguing look in his eye when Qwerty posits questions to him regarding it. Unfortunately, he is cagey with information, which is a shame. If mind-altering magic was more socially accepted, this mystery could be solved much simpler.

♥♥♥♡♡ Ery & Ausana

Relationship: Persons of Interest

Very intriguing that they are accepted and welcomed, despite also being magic-born constructs. Qwerty would like an explanation or clarification on the differences and the reasons for these two to have preferential treatment by the other Original Fragments. What about these two is considered a proper Fragment, while Qwerty is not? Is it the bodies and ability to emote? Qwerty has a body now. Please advise.


  • They accumulated large quantities of gemstones and materials to make themself what they call a "finger puppet" body. It holds a tiny fraction of their magic and is made out of metal, synthetic fabrics, some internal chalk, and fur.
  • Body was deliberately designed to appear attractive to the general populace in Pi, but their uncanny constant smiling and the "perfection" of their features does unnerve most people.
  • Every time there's an Eta party, continually brings up going to Iolany (not Iskander). Made the body in part to facilitate this, but it hasn't worked. Doesn't try to hitch a ride/sneak in without permission, though, as they know that would blow the remaining little trust Iolany and Iskander have in them.
  • Iskander has blown up the body on occasion when Qwerty pushes him too far. They keep a few ready-to-go spares in a closet in their facility now. Finds this annoying, but not painful.
  • Not allowed on the greater Frag Internet. To this extent, Iolany and Iskander have removed all the local nodes from around Pi, since Iolany wasn't convinced he could permanently prevent Qwerty from bypassing access blocks. This makes Qwerty sad. :(
  • Is literally everywhere in Pi at once, there's no place in the Timeline they don't have some form of access to. As long as they can run some of their magic somewhere, they can be there.

Art Reference

Reference image.

Click the reference image to the right for fullsize.

  • Never not making that smile face. Expression should not change.
  • Note darker ends of limbs, and golden banding across fingers/toes.
  • Tail is very fluffy, a bit like a bottlebrush.
  • Hair is slicked back.

Generic Anatomy Notes

  • Muzzles are small and boxy, and they don't have a kitty or dog nose.
  • Eyes can be stylized as you'd normally draw.
  • Please note that they have four fingers and three toes.
  • If the character has glasses, don't omit them!

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