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Fragment Faction: Coalition of Reality


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Table of Contents

Overseers / Overseer Assistants / Mag Researchers / The Sanctum /
Rest & Reformation / Rescue & Recover / Research & Remove /
The Militia / Regulate & Refine / Affiliated

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The heads of the Coalition, chosen to lead for life
and bearing the responsibility of managing a branch.


A commander for Research who suffered a painful capture some years ago and has lost much of his excitable spark, now cared for by his overprotective sibling.

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A shy Overseer who can't shake the feeling that he was offered the position by chance. Tries to stay positive and uplift his coworkers, despite that.

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Leader of an elite Research team with legendary artifact retrievals under their belt. Despite this, he still feels inadequate when Valentine mocks him.

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A kind but absent-minded Overseer who tries his best, but often falls short of his peers. Under the false impression that everyone is his friend.

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A Frag with excellent and unusual abilities to find people by any means, who often ends up hunting down Sanctum escapees despite his disinterest in the work.

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A founder of the COR, though his rank was stripped when he attempted to usurp its authority. Now he lives locked in the Sanctum, too ambitious to be released.

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An Overseer who manages most of the relations between the COR's affiliated divisions and the main body. Actually enjoys his customer-service-esque job.

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One of the oldest Overseers and a stalwart member of the COR, renown for his cold demeanor, status as face of the organization... and bearer of a Rendgen Blessing.

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Once a powerful name in the Black Market, he abandoned it all to search for a void-corruption cure... only to be overshadowed by his partner Morning Star.

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An Overseer for Rescue & Recover who elects and manages therapists assigned under its banner. Though he has a gentle smile and face, he's far stricter than he looks.

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Morning Star

An Overseer bearing a Pya Blessing, renown for his kind nature and ability to befriend anyone he meets. A series of stressful events have removed him from the limelight.

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Adept at strategy, Profound's tactician skill is hidden by his withdrawn and quiet persona. Other than the T-1 and T-2 incidents, he's best known for being Jubilee's ally.

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One of the founders of the COR, poised with a gentle smile and exhaustion over her years of service. Though retired, she is always happy to advise her peers.

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A Fragment made of gold, not magic - an alien concept. Once ostracized for this, Sterling is now an Overseer, nominated and backed by both Morning Star and Jubilee.

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A head in the Research division, governing a small team that tries to understand and find a use for void-found artifacts. Overly casual, for a scientist.

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The resident Wardmaster for most of the COR headquarters, and a brilliant one at that... though he seems to lack an identity outside of his job and energy for it.

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One of the COR's founders, and the only one still active. He enjoys stirring up Cupid and teasing others, but is renown for his healing prowess.

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The longest holder of the Voidrinker title - a coveted position for those who can cleanse voidspace of violent seas. Energized, flirty, and extroverted.

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A collection of Frags who assist the Overseers,
working as personal aides and secretaries, primarily.

Arco Iris

Though technically an Overseer's Assistant, Arco Iris is more well-known for being the oft-gossipy and friendly doorman for the Sanctum's only entrance.

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Archise's assistant, who once handled mostly paperwork. Free to pursue their journalistic interests, now that Archise has stepped back from the frontlines.

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Sometimes larger than life, Quota lives up to being the Assistant of the COR's face, Jubilee, with his unending eagerness to process documents and attend meetings.

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Mag Researchers

A small, tight-knit library dedicated to
the mysteries and concepts of the distant Magnitude Fragments.

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The Sanctum

A pocket reality within Headquarters that contains
criminals and those with great powers alike for their safety.

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Rest & Reformation

Though founded to give support to Timelines during collapse,
most Resters find themselves immersed in paper and admin work.


Despite a talent for finding new Timelines and a litany of feats under his belt, most only recognize Cysawd as the Fragment with the most Blessings - nine.

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The creator of the Timeline categorization system, and extremely proud of it - liable to talk anyone's ear off about how it works. Oft mistaken for Farley.

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Rescue & Recover

The home of kindly medics, doctors, and heroes,
who work to assist those harmed by Timeline collapse or voidspace corruption.

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Research & Remove

A large division split between its study of artifacts
and the rowdy militia that collects them.


The COR's best alchemist by a wide margin, and thus constantly busy training apprentices or fulfilling orders. Enjoys foraging in his spare time.

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An interrogator for research, whose work typically revolves around the hushed use of mind-alerting magic. Does his best to appear cheery and dodge any suspicions.

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Archise's protective younger sibling, who only realized how deeply he cared after Archise almost died, and once resented his nepotic high COR position.

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The Militia

A subset of Research & Remove, the boisterous
and loud Militia of the COR, carrying out its orders with force.


A member of Minty's team who spends most of his days properly training and honing his skill. Tries to avoid solving things with violence first, despite that.

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A fast-paced but passive member of Minty's team, a jack-of-all-trades of practical magic who typically serves as the team's at-base support and recon.

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An overzealous scout for the COR who patrols highly dangerous sections of voidspace and has had arresting privileges revoked for being... a little overeager.

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Gimmick's assigned cop partner - mostly so that someone could keep a closer eye on them during their flights of fancy. A skilled mage, but very easily enraged.

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The loud and proud head of one of Research's elite groups - oft just called Minty's team. Is an excellent mage, magic theorist, and leader to his partners.

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A modification mage of Minty's team who openly flirts with any Frag that moves. Known to be fickle, and loses interest in others just as quick as they gained it.

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Once a member of the now-defunct Citrus group, who still hasn't found a replacement for the purpose it gave them. Known mostly as the one who saw Delta open.

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Once the leader of the Citrus group and chasing after Minty's record-breaking, Wellov has now settled for simply being cheerfully helpful both on- and offline.

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Reguate & Refine

The catch-all faction for COR members of all flavors
who merely tend to their own Timelines, and rarely visit HQ.

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Those who do not work directly under the COR,
but are considered their devoted allies per their close working relationship....


Founder (and still manager) of the Delvers, a group of Frags who explore voidspace seeking new Timelines. Typically calm but resigned mostly to admin work.

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