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Chi's Divine Martyr

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Quick Info

Name: Eolith
Nicknames: -

Age: adult
Pronouns: he/him

Race: n/a 🛈
God Spectrum: Fragment 🛈

Song(s): Soul Meets Body
World: Fragments > Original 24 Timelines
Link(s): Toyhouse / Gallery


Eolith is a person of many facets.

Most would call him a martyr, a hero, a healer, a god - it was he who ushered Chi's terrified population up into the grand trees when the rancid ocean first flooded the world, his quick thinking salvaging most of civilization. It was Eolith who discovered that magical saturation was to blame, and it was Eolith who invented dozens of harmless magic-catching traps and tricks to reduce the ocean's spread. And, most of all - it was Eolith's blood that could purify the corruption that their cursed ocean wrought. Fresh from the source, dribbled onto any inflicted wound, and it became like anew - returned to its prior state, clean of evil and rot and decay. His constant creations, miracles, sacrifices all solidified him as a god in the eyes of Chi's mortals, and they came to worship him as one. Great statues were raised in his honor, and hymns were sung in his name. It would be easy to simply close the book there - Chi's beloved leader, left to discover a permanent solution to its cancerous magic problem.

In truth, there are many more layers. The stress of leadership - a position he never asked for - strained him mentally and physically. Once an introverted archivist and researcher, being thrust into the limelight so strongly and suddenly - for what felt like a silly, simple solution - was akin to ego death. And then, time and time again, more admiration and love and expectation were poured onto his shoulders without relenting, until the people were literally begging for his blood. Stressed and uncomfortable, Eolith isolated himself - lashing out in private to his fellow Fragments and then retreated, embarrassed by his temper and lack of self-control. He kept a good face for the mortals, for Chi - he had to. But it was tearing him apart on the inside, to the point where he found himself blind to how it shredded those closest to him. He'd given up so much of himself, his life and - and there was no end in sight. There was never any end in sight. For anyone.

He still starkly remembers Moon's wide eyes, his trembles, the way his soul broke at what Eolith - almost did to him. He won't be that person any longer. He... he doesn't know if he'll find anything out there that can help Chi, but he needed to leave... for the good of the Timeline, for the good of himself, and for the good of his peers....

Important Relationships

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♥♥♥♥♥ Titan

Relationship: Lover

Sometimes they feel like oil and water. But sometimes he needs that conflict... needs someone to reel him in. It's hard not to appreciate Titan for being there, to hold him back from the brink. To joke and laugh with him. To pull him out of his shell. To make him feel less like a symbol and more like a person. Titan is funny... he's confident, he's alluring. There's something so relaxing about sneaking off together to shoot cans in some forgotten building and act like they're just some rough-and-tumble nobodies.

♥♥♥♥♥ Moon

Relationship: Right Hand

Oh, Moon... he always thought... ...he's sorry. He was blind - like he was with everything, really. But especially to how much you were... suffering. In hindsight, it's obvious - and the guilt is overwhelming. What kind of a leader was he to have not seen it? A shitty one, point-blank. He doesn't know how Moon could ever forgive him, or what their relationship might look like whenever Eolith returns, but... he'll accept whatever Moon wants it to be.

♡♡♡♡♡ Sun

Relationship: Right Hand's Tumor

Just - intolerable. Cruel. Heartless, a monster. A leech that latched onto Moon. Not that Eolith has much ground to stand on, of course, but - he's not Sun. He's not a single-minded, selfish, horrible person who would just use Moon for his... own wants... ... how uncomfortable.

♥♥♥♥♡ Rose

Relationship: Best Underling

It's... great that the mortals have a person to turn to with lots of patience and kindness for them. It just sucks that they didn't latch onto Rose harder, make him the centerpoint of their lives. They talked to Rose more and he was always more reliable, so why not him? Well... he wasn't a renown healer or an outspoken... 'leader', Eolith supposes, despite how sweet and helpful Rose was. It's less flashy to just be a good administrator.

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♥♥♥♡♡ Oroide

Relationship: Underling

A hard worker who always had a smile on his face. It was always impressive what Oroide could conjure from - well, just imagining it. People were always so quick to admire Eolith for just... being magical, but Oroide's work took genuine skill and effort. And changed mortal lives for the better in so many vast, far-reaching ways. It's good he always had his guilds to support him, but it would've been nice to see him appreciated more by the populace. Eolith should've pushed harder for that....

♥♥♥♡♡ Isodose

Relationship: ...

Last he heard, Isodose was doing well as an archivist and historian, doing his own thing off in a corner. Why... why do you ask? Did something go wrong? Is he okay?

♥♥♡♡♡ Aryl

Relationship: It's Aryl

Aryl keeps sending him letters asking him how he's doing. He has no idea how Aryl knows where he is at any given time, or how he's even ferrying letters in the first place. Like, seriously, does he have some sort of contacts in the Spire of all places? He mixes good drinks, at least.


  • Eolith has albinism, and is incredibly light-sensitive. The hood is partially for apperances' sake, and partially for keeping him out of the sun.
  • His temper was legendary among Chi's Fragments, but he kept it very very strictly under lock-and-key for the mortals/in public.
  • Since leaving Chi, Eolith has explored (with permission) some of the more unique Timelines, such as the Spire, Creator's Spine, Feathered Sundering, AA-91, the Hive, and the Sanctum. His current whereabouts are unknown, and Chi itself has no idea he's been to all these places.
  • His go-to stress relief is eating pastries with fruit filling. For a Fragment, he has a lot of very loud baking opinions.
  • The hourglass motif worn by most Chi characters is actually considered to be Eolith's symbol, worn by those who pledged themselves to him. As Eolith became more and more important religiously to Chi, it became conflated as Chi's symbol as well. It works out in the end as Chi resonates with Peshchani, integral hourglass structure, but yeah.
  • The trees of Chi had existed long before Eolith migrated the civilization there, and he'd actually been working on building a treehouse before the floodings for the seclusion. Yeah, that went stellar.
  • The deepest part of the Cathedral Tree still contains Eolith's original house structure and library, though they've been gathering dust.

Art Reference

Reference image.

Click the reference image to the right for fullsize.

  • Horns are meant to emulate an hourglass shape - same with irises. They're also different colors.
  • Wore hood up mostly when he was younger, keeps it down now.
  • Don't move his wings, they're meant to frame his face. He only "lets them down" to sleep.
  • Has pink splotching over face, interior feathers, and part of tails.
  • Tail is coated in feathers, and is also an hourglass (or a double helix I guess).
  • Usually frowning. Sometimes angrily, oftentimes tiredly.

Generic Anatomy Notes

  • Muzzles are small and boxy, and they don't have a kitty or dog nose.
  • Eyes can be stylized as you'd normally draw.
  • Please note that they have four fingers and three toes.
  • If the character has glasses, don't omit them!

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