Right now, this is a haphazard little list of stuff I used to make the site, so I can properly reference it later.

Credits & Disclaimers

All of the content on this site is of my own creation and/or ownership. In places where I did not wholly create the content, I will indicate the source clearly.

If you are listed as an artist/designer for any of the pieces on here and would prefer a different source be provided, please contact me with:

  • URLs of each and every one of the works you'd like updated
  • Your preferred credit link (only one)

You can use the contact form on the main site, or email me: kittenkolo[at]gmail.com. I make an effort to maintain live links, but I don't take responsibility if you deleted your account somewhere and the link goes dead.


Layout constructed with the help of sadgrl's layout builder.
Magnific Popup script from dimsemenov.com.
Thumbnailer script from pqina.nl, with edits by me to work with GIFs.

Using My Content

You are permitted to use my creations (art, writing, lore) on this site insofar as the license (linked in the footer) permits. A proper attribution could simply be a link to this website, numbersstory.com. Just don't impersonate me.