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Welcome to the Character archive for Numbers Story! This is a separate subdomain from the main site, so don't get confused between the two! Here, you can view all of the characters and their associated art and literatures (once they're up)! Right now, the site is a little bare-bones as I've just gotten started with it, but I hope you come to enjoy it regardless!

For now, why not check out a finished profile for Aite?

What is Numbers Story?

Numbers Story is my personal paracosm I've had since 2010! You can view more information about it on the main site, which contains lore and worldbuilding (as opposed to characters and art here). If you want to start learning about it, the Basic Introduction is a good choice! But you can always access the main site from the dropdown menu in the top right of the nav.

⚠ Alert! ⚠
Some profiles may contain allusions to or depictions of, but not exhaustively:
Abuse, gore, violence, trauma, suicide, and sexual themes.
If anything makes you uncomfortable, please close out of the page and take care of yourself!

Update Box

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  • For multi-chapter lits, their "chapter index" has been adjusted to auto-update with new chapters. Also overhauled their meta sections. Also, new story!
  • All character blurb pages have been updated to sort into two per row on desktop, but remain unchanged on mobile. Please HARD-REFRESH to see the changes!
  • Everyone on the Original 24 page now has unique favicons!
  • Working on making tiny favicons of all the characters so that tabs are easier to differentiate.
  • Added a section for "published date" to literatures.
  • Added this update box! Hi!
  • Everyone on the Original 24 page should have finished galleries.
  • Fixed up the random featured gallery & character (below) to actually be able to handle pulling characters from different worlds. Hooray variables!
  • Made myself secret uploaders for art & characters so I don't have to crawl into the database every time I doodle something. Which is often.
  • Whittling away at everything little by little daily. It's slow goings.

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A gif of Uzerin darting to the left.A gif of Quirmiz darting to the left.

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A Beta Fragment - and murderer - who puts on a great show of power and intimidation, but who in truth fears for his life more than anything.

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