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Well of Creation


The planets of the galaxy orbit the supermassive Well of Creation, whose warm glow and constant magic have served as the world's light. But when a group of Arcanas, gods born of the Well, colluded in arrogance to force a new god to emerge early, the Well spluttered and broke. Dying and exhausted, its existence has been held in uncertain balance - until, out of nowhere, it has birthed its true final Arcanas - in a great flash, in a powerful wave, in an awe-inspiring spray of colors.

Parsle, of course, has no idea how to live up to his birthright. But the politics of the Well and the expectations placed upon him are neverending....

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Table of Contents

Arcanas / Miras / Other

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The most powerful gods born from the Well,
creators of planets, given explicit purpose in genesis


An Arcanas deeply in love with his peers, having pulled dozens of strings - centering his planet Sorne as a resource-rich haven - to entice them into his lap.

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A bold pirate and smug smuggler who also owns the most technologically-powerful planet, Leren II, and is deep in the pockets of the powerful Aernin.

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The first Arcanas, creator of ideas and concepts, which he scattered throughout the galaxy. Hard to track down, as he lives secretly on an isolated little comet.

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The second-oldest Arcanas, who helped found the basis of the galaxy's government and remains in power to this day as law-writing chairman of the Council.

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Indech avoids the Arcanas Council, instead traveling the galaxy to impart wisdom and decision-making to its mortal populace - and occasionally his fellow Arcanas.

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A serious and harsh Arcanas dedicated to law and the enforcement of such, whose tiny planet orbits Hearth's, the center of legalities and regulations.

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A robot who threw himself into the Well during the Artificial Revolution as an act of protest, and emerged reimagined as an Arcanas, matryr of his people.

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Traumatized by the early wars, Mem has become harder and harder to reach personally - nestled instead in the safety of vacation-casino planet Gitari.

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A chaotic mess with no direction who blames his sorry state on the Well, wracked with guilt over his unstoppable plethora of bad decisions and actions.

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Scion of Feyses - Well-worshippers - and surrounded by an entourage of Miras, Milli seeks to cement himself as an integral part of the Arcanas Council.

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Once a cold, powerful warlord who waged campaigns against the rest of the galaxy, Nerva has retired to watching over his standing army with a stoic and blank face.

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The true last creation of the Well, inheritor of and born into this world with high expectations and a crushing responsibility to live up to them.

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A polite, high-society Arcanas who rules Tuara alongside Nerva - though she doesn't approve of his warmongering ways in quite the same fashion.

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Once the creator of Leren I, technological innovator of the galaxy, now retired to Hearth's Viira after Leren was decimated in the Artificial Revolution.

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Triv / Hope

The Arcanas pulled from the Well early, whose existence arguably broke it. Despite this, he was adopted by Hearth lovingly, though he struggles with his identity.

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Weaker gods born of the Well,
allowed freedom of identity and exploration


A smug and powerful mage who worked his way up the ranks of the Tuaran army, and unexpectedly became Nerva's lover. Unexpectedly to everyone but him, of course.

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Ailia's girlfriend, a shy Miras living on the Orbital Research Station who once served under Aernin and chose to leave the Arcanas' world behind to seek love instead.

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A Miras who serves Milli as a mixture of personal assistant, confidante, advisor, and friend. His calm demeanor and determination make him a natural leader.

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A neurotic Miras under Milli who manages much of the day-to-day of Feyses, working in tandem with Lyss, and oft comes off as short-tempered in comparison.

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A leader of much of Feyses' religion revolving around the Well, and direct servant of Milli in deference to Arcanas. Enjoys attending Council meetings alongside him.

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Everyone else. You get the idea


The stern and burnt-out head scientist on the Orbital Research Station of the Well... who refused to allow the Arcanas to take Parsle under their wings.

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