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Two Ant colonies, embroiled in a bitter war against each other. Not unusual for Ant colonies, save that these are the only two populations in all of Hantel - Heaven and Hell, forever sharing a battlefield, resources, and a world. What the conflict began over is oft a matter of debate - gyne care, interpersonal relationships, independence, ideals - all have differing answers. But it didn't matter - for war was in their blood, and all that they knew.

Until a gyne-turned-aner broke free of Ant caste rules, trained himself into a hyper-powerful mage, deposed Hell's previous leader, and - instantly sought an alliance and ceasefire with Heaven. And as the dust settles, the two colonies tentatively lick their wounds, staring nervously at one another, and try to figure out this "peace" thing.

Hantel was made with my partner, Lunila, who owns many of the characters below and wrote their blurbs. It is primarily a small, personal world for us to roleplay in, and thus much of the lore is not public.

Table of Contents

Heaven Colony / Telestia Subcolony / Hell Colony

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Heaven Colony

The original colony, created by Michael
after its founders left the small village once known as Purgatory.


Heaven's Magister Director, and as upbeat-feral as such a title and skill in magedom implies. Despite being External, is closer to a practical mage than combat.

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Heaven's diplomat, who still harbors hope for peace despite eons of war. With strong ideals, he sees himself as the moral compass for much of the colony.

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An older aner and natural slot-in for Head of Gyne Care, dedicated to his job and his charges with endless patience, love, and adoration for their diva antics.

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An easy-going doctor with a penchant for mischief and a secret, surprising, long-standing relationship with his long-standing and suffering patient, Uriel.

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The founder of Heaven, who maintains a casual, flirtatious, and humorous demeanor to cover up his soul-crushing trauma and self-loathing.

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A refugee from Hell, caught in the fire of Hell's stringent romance laws after being outed and framed by Chomie, who later found sanctuary and love in Michael.

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A natural-born leader who fell into step to support Michael, single-mindedly adoring him. As Director of Internal, renown for his gentle nature and demeanor.

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Heaven's brilliant Head of Research, whose lab work has kept in check an otherwise flirtatious personality, and rallies as a staunch advocate for Michael's leadership.

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An up-and-coming young mage within Heaven's army, whose skill, confidence, and use of spears has left many drawing uncomfortable parallels to Lucifer.

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A scout with a quiet, but intense crush on Michael and a burning hatred for anyone who defies him. Too shy to ever approach him, so he sulks in a corner instead.

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Disgruntled, gruff commander of Heaven, dissenter in all matters of Michael's decisions. Once a quiet, but now vocal advocate for Lucifer's death.

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Telestia Subcolony

A signicifant sub-colony of Heaven
where young Ants were sent to be educated and raised.

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Hell Colony

The second colony, created by Leviathan
and a small band of his loyal allies.


A founding aner of Hell - once Military Consultant, now Commander. A charismatic and beloved leader, who hides differing politics from his closest friend, Satan.

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Once a sound-based mage that worked independently, though Lucifer's harassment pushed him to seek the safety of Malaphar's clique. Very irritable.

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A stiff, outspoken, and irritable aner who used to be much more vocal with criticisms of his colonymates before Lucifer showed up and took an interest in him.

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The proud Matriarch of Hell and queen of its gyne, renown for her insightful wisdom, eons of experience, and endless deep love for the aner of her colony.

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The bright Head of Raids, adept at strategy and magery alike. Despite his reputation, he still feels self-conscious over being a 'half-gyne'.

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Recently freed life-prisoner, a cocky, violent, external ergate, whose reputation was once marred by attempted gyne-murder in the days before Satan's rule.

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A ditzy and caring aner who works as Hell's diplomat, a depreciated position that means he typically only serves as Allocer's errand-boy and secretary.

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Sweet and bubbly at first glance, but self-preserving and cowardly underneath. The only thing he cares about is finding protection and keeping things clean.

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A loud and lively gyne raised primarily by Mammon, who insisted on learning combat magic and being allowed to fight alongside aner - now a talented, beloved mage.

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A member of Hell's Law Enforcement, often called to intercept or redirect Lucifer. Accidentally ended up under Malaphar's wing after too many run-ins with his group.

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Hell's lively and practical Ergate Manager and talented Wardmaster, known for his dash of unrepentant sass and heaps of praise levied on his best workers.

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One of Malaphar's posse, and the resident mage. Enjoys mashing other people's buttons and seeing how far he can push them - especially Lucifer, their prey.

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A mage, oldest dinergate in Hell, and staunch advocate for their rights. Through his efforts, his people have gained degrees of respect and education reform.

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The founder of Hell, who was mortified when Satan won leadership from him and self-isolated ever since. His relationship with Allocer pulled him out of solitude.

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The scourge of Heaven, who ran away to "conquer" Hell - a god in his own eyes, cruel and egotistical in others'. Forced to undergo a change of heart after living with Chomie.

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A brick wall of a soldier, and leader of an elite group that functions as his dedicated clique outside of battle. Considers harassing Lucifer to be very good fun.

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An overconfident hypermage gyne-turned-aner who became Hell's leader after putting himself through unspeakable trauma. Erratic and off-putting, but well-meaning.

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The gyne who was attacked by Beelzebub eons ago, though he lived. Maintains a kindly and sweet demeanor, and enjoys baking cookies for the aner of Hell.

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A skilled hobby alchemist, although employed in egg-care. His 'passion projects' led to trouble with Mammon, but by some miracle he made it out with all limbs attached.

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The boisterous leader of Hell, a title won in combat from Leviathan. Proud of his colony's traditions and highly oppositional towards those that would disrupt them.

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A Magister Director with strange ideas about the dangers of battlefields and an erratic demeanor - but excels at his job, and gets away with more than expected.

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An enthusiastic, single-minded, sweetly spoken Egg Caretaker. Manipulative of Ant social norms - and Hell's traditions - when it conveniences his hobbies.

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A tall aner, and Hell's Director of Internal Affairs. Despite the publicity of his position, he prefers to work in the shadows, pulling strings as a manipulator.

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A sweet, bubbly, and idealistic gyne who spends most of their days at Satan's side - to the point where the two are often considered lovingly inseparable.

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