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The Blessed Holy Emperor of Time

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Quick Info

Name: Peaches
Nicknames: -

Age: 42
Pronouns: he/him

Race: Base Pony 🛈
God Spectrum: Dominion Flame 🛈 (Harmonic) 🛈

Current Residence: The City Canthores, Holy Empire
Hometown: unnamed village, Holy Empire

Song(s): -
World: Flameverse
Link(s): Toyhouse / Gallery


The Holy Blue Flame of Victory has long been passed down the chosen heirs of the Holy Empire, plucked from young adulthood by the current Emperor and trained in all ways to be a just, fair, and level-headed ruler for their nation. A holy offering from the Ardor god Xharde, it was gifted to them long ago when they battled against oppressive Verebriva, fighting to create a safe haven for Flames free of subjugation. Their god himself smiled upon Remeyan, and bestowed upon him a sacred Flame for these deeds.

So, to say it was chaos when Emperor Nereen was found face-down in a pool of blood, his Blue Flame missing, was an understatement.

A nationwide search launched for the attacker - one who could fell even a godly Flame bearer, a terrifying prospect. And, secondly, to find their Blue Flame. In the best case, it was maybe only a stone's throw from capital Canthores, feeding off the ambient energy in the air to stay alive. In the worst scenario, their assassin had consumed it and stolen its powers. To the collective surprise of the entire Empire, however, neither of these came to pass. Rather, it was found in the hands of an illiterate farmboy, shy and quiet and humble. And, to their even greater shock, he already bore a Flame: the lost Holy Pink Flame... the other god-gifted Flame of Xharde.

There was no questioning it. This boy had been chosen by Xharde himself, a perfect reincarnation. Peaches was whisked away to Canthores and taught, haphazard and quickly, the ways of politics and ruling. And through his gentle smiles and unending empathy, he slowly won over the hearts of the Candescent Court, and his forgiving policies next to generous subsidaries brought him the devotion of the peasants. Pilgrims travelled miles to kneel at his blessed feet, and were received with loving and understanding arms, a keen ear, a piercing nod. He cared for his people - another mark of his divinity, of the power bestowed upon him by Xharde. He has taken to leading like a fish to water, surrounded by a venerable army of loyal defenders, eager to protect their beloved peasant-god-king.

Still, secrets swirl in the underbelly of the Court. Where did he attain the Pink Flame? What of his role in Nereen's assassination? What part did Peaches play in this grand scheme...?


Dominion of Time, Heavenly Ardor Flame

Combination of the Flames: Blue Flame, Dominion of Victory & Pink Flame, Dominion of Vibrancy

Peaches' combined Flame gives him the ability to rewind time up to a year at his current skill, though he typically saves it for minute-to-minute adjustments. Separately, the Blue Flame allows Peaches to "win" anything he finds competitive, while the Pink Flame allows him to 'pull out' conceptual perfection from objects and people. He typically uses the Blue Flame and the overall Dominion to make fair negotiations and impress people verbally.

Important Relationships

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♥♥♥♥♥ Vialattea

Relationship: Best Friend

Via is another reincarnation... and one much more grounded than Mewt Mavet. Their circumstances are woven together, drawn in tight, two paths that converged and now walk together. To have such a long-lived, wise, and powerful mentor to help guide Peaches on the deep waters of godhood... it's wonderful! It's amazing! Via is so admirable - intelligent, collected, connected, and perceptive! And he even came to Peaches first, seeking an auidence... to share his knowledge of the gods and his suspicions for who held the Pink Flame in limbo! He truly treats Peaches like an equal, and... and it's almost intoxicating. Just another person, for once. One immune to his powrers, but cares for him anyways!

♥♥♥♥♡ Gosha

Relationship: Bodyguard

His guard. Their friendship began cold, with Gosha distant yet capable. There had been a profound sadness in her inability to stop Nereen's death... and she at first seemed to resent Peaches not only because of his origins and secrets, but because in a way, he denied her that dynamic with Nereen wholly and utterly. But as time dragged on, and Peaches regarded her with the same endless patience and understanding, she grew affectionate towards him - more open to his idiosyncrasies, more curious about his self and identity. She herself is a bright woman, who brandishes swords as if they were parts of her own body. It is breathtaking to see her sparr. And to know that that is protecting him!

♥♥♡♡♡ Mewt Mavet

Relationship: Friends?

Mewt is a strange man. There is an aura of nonchalance around him, but it's only a mask - it'd be easier to find something Mewt doesn't care about. His true emotions are obscured at best, to the point where Peaches wonders if Mewt himself even knows how he feels in any given moment. He's not receptive to Peaches' flirtations, but is eager to learn about the new reincarnation and enjoys pestering Peaches with invasive plethoras of questions. Like he's being scrutinized. It's not uncomfortable yet, but he's very concerned about that "yet". Especially if what Via's been saying about Mewt is true.

♥♥♥♥♡ Helion

Relationship: Friends

The Flame that personally tutored Peaches in most things. A fellow soul who clawed their way out of struggle and found a tenuous, but comfortable position in the Court. Peaches finds plenty of common ground with Helion, and he knows the feeling is mutual - that they both would call each other 'close friend'. They keep it private and intimate, mostly to avoid the politics of the Court interfering, but they speak with such frequency and at such length about any topic that interests them that suspicions have started to rise regardless.

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♥♥♥♡♡ Lurifax

Relationship: Constituent

Lurifax shoves expectations onto himself that no one has ever voiced, and then tortures himself over them. Peaches tries to be kind and understanding, but - and this will sound rude - Lurifax is a ticking time bomb, ready to explode with self-loathing and self-blame. He's completely fixated on the single robot he lost during Peaches' crowning, a time of absolute chaos across the entire country. One singular robot out of millions he's handmade and given away for free to the Empire. It's... a lot.

♥♥♥♥♡ Blackfuse

Relationship: Constituent

Of course he helped her. Her Flame is... he'd always heard that Harbinger Flames were more trouble than they were worth, and this is the most perfect example. It's... the pity he feels for her is immense. He wishes there was a more permanent solution than injections of his magic every few months, and he's kept an ear out for anything that could help. Or at least reduce her pain. Poor woman....

♥♥♥♡♡ Meria

Relationship: Ally

She is... efficient? Professional. That's the right word. Very professional. Jather seems distant, but Meria's distance is much more corporate. Friendly, eager for a good deal and good relations, and no interest in pettiness or struggle. She hones in on beneficial snippets with well-practiced skill, and can draft legal documents in the blink of an eye. It's strange, sometimes, to sit next to someone who was primed for politics since birth, born into this world to thrive in it - as opposed to himself, a meager farmboy who bumbled into it and flies by the seat of his pants....

♥♥♥♥♡ Tempo

Relationship: Friend

Tempo is the vassal that is much easier to get along with! The simplest way to describe him is definitely shy, with his quiet voice and meek mannerisms. But, to some degree it is certainly a farce - Peaches has seen the keen way Tempo appraises fellow Flame, and the minute details he catches. An excellent ally, and a person Peaches is determined to stay on the good side of.

♥♡♡♡♡ Procaralshaiph

Relationship: ...Problem

A very... opinionated and loud person, with a habit of inflicting unusual and cruel fates on mortals. Thankfully, eons of warnings and folklore about the dangers of the Marbled Slopes means that few are foolish enough to venture there... but the idea of essentially murdering mortals for trespassing fundamentally and morally does not vibe with Peaches. It's just... wrong. And to have Procara talk Flame supremacy on top of that... it's uncomfortable.

♥♥♥♥♡ Braze

Relationship: Constituent

Braze was once of the first Flames he met properly once he was ushered into Canthores. Upon seeing Peaches, Braze made a startled squeak, turned to Aceus beside him, and demanded to know if this really was the new emperor. And then looked mortified as Aceus nodded. The memory has become an amusing source of teasing to Peaches - of course he harbors no ill will or offense. Braze is an excellent Flame, embodying all that is expected of him perfectly. And anyone would be surprised to find out that Peaches had been selected as a god.

♥♥♥♡♡ Aceus

Relationship: Constituent

His... devoted, though ego-obsessed head of security. Aceus' mind is so focused on his work that he spares little effort or thought to anything else, but isn't that a good trait to have in someone who clutches lives in their palms? And... it's hard not to blame Aceus for being even more meticulous, with Nereen fresh on his mind. Still, it's hard to find small talk that Aceus actually replies to, so it's... difficult to get to know him better.

♥♥♡♡♡ Dragon

Relationship: Enigma

Official behemoth-hunting positions were offered to him. He simply didn't want them, despite the paychecks and legitimacy and access to teamwork/resources. A man from Bivve arrived a while ago, claiming to know Dragon's real identity, and pressed Peaches for information. He gave it, of course... he's not one to dip a finger into Bivve politics, of all places. It only whets the curiosity further, though, doesn't it?

♥♥♥♡♡ Saen

Relationship: Ally (Neutral?)

Verebriva and the Empire have always had... frosty relations. Saen himself, however, is much more level-headed than any of the tales had prepared Peaches for. He just seems tired and worn, emotions to be expected of any mortal with such a prolonged lifespan. It was rather cute to see the Verebrivans fretting over Saen as if he were made of glass - a feeling that, at times, Peaches finds relatable. He only hopes he won't become so jaded in time.

♥♥♥♥♡ Falacer

Relationship: Ally

They've visited each other's domains several times, mostly on business. The people of the Isle - Falacer included - were elated to meet a reincarnation, and Peaches deeply enjoyed the free tour of the Shrine of the Shifting. Falacer's people adore him, and rightly so - he is a kind, sweet person, with a soft attractive smile and tender giggles hidden behind a glass of fine wine. It's a shame that he can't find more excuses for them to make the cross-Cedalle journey more often.

♥♥♥♡♡ Jather

Relationship: Ally

A stalwart ally and trading partner - the king of the Sendrean city that borders the Empire. He is a stern person, with a powerful glower and intimidating demeanor, but he is reasonable and easy to negotiate with. There's no real complaints there on Peaches' end. If Jather was less standoffish, he perhaps would've floated the idea of spending a night or so together, but he is... very unapproachable.

♥♥♥♡♡ Nereen

Relationship: Predecessor

As a child and teenager, he'd never really heard much ill talk of Nereen. Maybe some questions of a few of the new tax laws, but taxes are always a difficult topic. It's... heavy, to inherit a legacy that never quite began and that he never really knew. Nereen's notes, his desk, his decor, his statues... all of it, a ghost of a person that died unfairly and before his time, a person completely overshadowed by a god overtaking his throne. The complexities it stirs in Peaches' chest... he doesn't want Nereen to be forgotten.

♥♡♡♡♡ Xharde

Relationship: Concern

He understands Xharde must hold his secrets to his chest... but is it so wrong to share them with his inheritor, of all people? It stings that there's so little trust, so little... effort shown by Xharde to uncover this grand conspiracy. Though, perhaps those are cruel thoughts to think of a man who committed suicide to escape it all.

♥♡♡♡♡ Khamdy

Relationship: Concern

It's hard not to fret over Khamdy's state of mind. His anguished screech when he realized Xharde's Flames were contained in one person again... he looked downright murderous. It's a face that Peaches will never quite be able to shake out of his memory. Yet... all he feels is worry for the other. For the fear and loneliness that must be dominating the god....


  • Peaches has deliberately altered his scent to smell like... a peach.
  • He named himself Peaches after Helion taught him exotic fruits. If pressed, he expresses his family mostly just called him "firstson" and sometimes "junior" before.
  • Foreign dignitaries are always surprised at how flirty Peaches is with them. He feels uncomfortable sleeping with subordinates, so a guy's gotta shoot his shot where he can lol
  • The strain of bearing two powerful Dominions in a mortal body has inflicted severe chronic pain on him. He bathes twice a day in very warm water and doesn't usually bother clothing in proper Emperor's regalia if he can help it. If he had more energy he'd love dressing up.
  • Tempo gifted him a vast, protective skeletal wyrm as an inauguration gift. He adores it and likes feeding it anchovies.
  • The Dominion Flames have altered his body somewhat; he grew horns and his tail split.
  • Constantly abusing his time-resetting abilities to get more time to wake up in the morning, or redo parts of a conversation that he feels he messed up. A significant portion of why everyone likes him is, yes, solely because he's kind of cheated his way to the best outcome every time.
  • He is, however, fundamentally a forgiving and kind person at heart. He figures most people are products of their environment, and is very empathetic because of that.
  • Doesn't really care if people abuse his generosity. He's got unlimited time and resources, so it feels exclusionary and cruel to withold it.
  • Traps bugs in cups when he finds them in the palace to release them outside/out a window later.
  • Always thanks the service robots for anything they do.

Art Reference

Reference image.

Click the reference image to the right for fullsize.

  • The blue markings crackle like lightning, pink bubble like a lava lamp. See reference image for extent of markings.
  • Flower crown and silks can be omitted if you have trouble with them.
  • Iris and pupil would be shaped like the four-pointed star.
  • Technically he normally just wears a cardigan over an oversized shirt.
  • Gentle expressions work best for him, especially smiling.

Generic Anatomy Notes

  • Muzzles are small and boxy, and they don't have a kitty or dog nose.
  • Eyes can be stylized as you'd normally draw.
  • Please note that they have four fingers and three toes.
  • If the character has glasses, don't omit them!

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