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Quick Info

Name: One
Nicknames: -

Age: adult
Pronouns: they/them or he/him

Race: n/a 🛈
God Spectrum: Fragment 🛈

Song(s): Astral Rot
World: Fragments > Original 24 Timelines
Link(s): Toyhouse / Gallery


A shy smile and nervous hands are where mosts' impressions of One start and end. He seems almost comically uncertain and insecure, stumbling over his words and looking to others for approval after every half-sentence.

But, across the great tumultuous ocean of Sigma and deep in its unrestrained depths, One is a different beast entirely. Industrious, hardworking, creative, and passionate, most of Sigma's tech has either been directly made (and maintained!) by him, or has been taken under his wing as its original creators died and the undersea cities came to depend on it. He darts from machine to mechanism, putting out fires, making repairs, upgrading whenever he can; he crawls through maintenance shafts and scrawls magic circles with the speed of someone possessed. His intelligence is hidden behind exciteable rants and wordvomit of his various creations and novel solutions, but anyone with a mage's ear can tell there is so much more under the surface than mere anxiety. Spend enough time around him, and walk away thinking - this here's a magical genius, able to grasp high-level concepts and generate novel ideas in the blink of an eye.

If questioned, if asked why the effort, despite his struggles - he cares deeply about Sigma, that's all. Isn't that what any Fragment wants - to help their Timeline best they can? He's not doing anything special, he's just doing his best. He's not good with people, not good with mortals. You don't need to compliment him or his stuff. He's just - doing what he can - should for Sigma's sake. It matters a lot to him, y'know? More than you can imagine....

Important Relationships

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♥♥♥♥♡ Asalongalso

Relationship: Exes

It's uncomfortable. They were dating before the - the - thing happened and then it made their relationship complicated and hard to tolerate. He just couldn't stand the pity and fragility Asa started handling him with. He's not some... glass figure to be displayed on a shelf. He can handle himself, okay? He's been handling himself. Asa's such a smart, well-liked person, too, it's - it sucks how much he drops everything j-just to fret over One. This r-really cool guy with all these skills and reasons people adore him and he's, like, hung up on one ex. It makes One feel guilty....

♥♥♥♥♡ Thriga

Relationship: Friends?

Thriga is, uh, j-judgmental to sum it up. Not in a terrible way, they're - they're very accurate! Very, uh, direct, maybe let's say. They end up speaking more often than Asa and One do, in part because Thriga is just. Everywhere all of the time. It's hard to get a good read on how Thriga feels, but One's pretty confident that they're at least, uh, on okay terms. Thriga looks out for him a lot - always lets him know if he's watching and if he's noticed something that One didn't, or suggestions on whatever he's fixing or adjusting at the moment. And they're good suggestions! And good reminders that he's about to get jumped by a veinslug or something! S-so yeah.

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♥♥♥♥♥ Clarity

Relationship: Friends

PSILINGS ARE SO NICE? NOBODY TOLD HIM PEOPLE FROM PSI WERE NICE it's always just 'Oh the poison well this and the poison well that' well the Psi Fragments are NICE and Clarity is the NICEST of them. People are SO quick to dismiss other people and then they act all aghast that arguments and seccession happens! And then here's Clarity, smart and caring and interested in listening and learning and engaging with One as a person and not as a half-Timeline weirdo that they have to handle with kiddie gloves or someone to chastise and it's just NICE okay.

♥♥♥♡♡ Aryl

Relationship: Nice Enough

He's just a little overwhelming? O-Overbearing. He listens whenever One gets off on a rant, but - is he even genuinely interested, or is he just happy that someone's interacting with him willfully? That's an uncomfortable thought! But... he's not inherently unfriendly, nor does he seem cruel or anything like that, so it feels like he can't really be mad at Aryl for... being like that....


  • Natural magic color is pure white, an exceedingly rare coloration in Numbers. It's associated with good fortune, gifts, and blessings, and is believed to grant a "colorless gift" to those with it. One doesn't like correcting people who assume it's only near-white because of the expectations.
  • Generally does not like any of his halos touched, and is very sensitive about it. Only lets Asa mess with them.
  • The trident was a gift from Thriga when they were younger. It's kind of a security blanket at this point.
  • Best helmsman in Sigma by leagues. Asa gets seasick within minutes and Thriga refuses to get on a boat without 70 waterproof layers, though, so it's not much of a competition.
  • Always feels weirdly guilty about listing his work when people ask about his hobbies. In a way it's a hobby, because he's passionate about it, right?
  • Can draw a perfect circle without a compass or stencil.
  • Named himself 'One' because he was the first Fragment that woke up in Sigma. Now embarrassed that his name's origins are stupid lol

Art Reference

Reference image.

Click the reference image to the right for fullsize.

  • There's only three grays in his palette - a light grey, a mid gray, and a dark gray. The mid gray is the 'base' color of his right side and the 'accent' color of the left.
  • Halo around neck is two-tone. Horn-halos are different colors.
  • Pink horn is lumpier and growing into the white horn.
  • Trident can be ommitted.
  • Pink 'sleeves' aren't actually sleeves, that top is more like a shoulder shawl wrap.

Generic Anatomy Notes

  • Muzzles are small and boxy, and they don't have a kitty or dog nose.
  • Eyes can be stylized as you'd normally draw.
  • Please note that they have four fingers and three toes.
  • If the character has glasses, don't omit them!

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