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The Disgraced Leader

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Quick Info

Name: Mivis
Nicknames: -

Age: adult
Pronouns: he/him

Race: n/a 🛈
God Spectrum: Fragment 🛈

Song(s): New Town Burnout / Rubicon (Threat)
World: Fragments > Original 24 Timelines
Link(s): Toyhouse / Gallery


Once upon a time, he led Gamma. Once upon a time, they were on top of the world - moving mountains, burrowing into infinite veins of precious augmetia, brokering deals and positioning themselves as the central hub of the Originals. Once upon a time, Gamma was a place that mattered - that poured its blessed offerings out with a generosity, that welcomed dignitaries and diplomats, that happily provided Timeline-healing metal to its peers, that burst from its heart with potential.

Of course, you see, that was eons ago.

Beta moved quickly. They were neighbors, and this was before the COR really knew how cutthroat the Originals could be, you see. They had a golden knife in his chest and bade him watch as they sliced open the throats of the mortals of the rest of the council. Their armies had no scruples, and a war like that can't be won with morals. It was a miracle they didn't have him dragged back to Beta as a slave. Or it wasn't, really, you see - he was already a trusted figure among Gamma, and he'd serve as a good way for them to maintain the noose around his Timeline. Maintain some sort of stability, you see.

He plays a good game for them. Submissive enough to Beta's orders, with a grimace on his face and resigned protests. Exhausted and beaten-down. There's already so much scrutiny on him - if he didn't play the act well, they'd have found him out eons ago. He knows they suspect him in Gamma's rebellious spy rings. Who wouldn't? They'd be idiots not to, and Beta can't afford to be idiots. But he's quieter than them. Smarter than them. And he's been feeding every drop of information he can to his people. One day, they'll free themselves of this parasite. And he'll take personal pleasure in the terror in Aite's eyes.

Important Relationships

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♡♡♡♡♡ Aite

Relationship: Owner

A brattish, spoilt, selfish, and narcissistic stain of a person. But, of the Fragments of Beta, there could not have been a better master. Aite has not mindbroken him, not tightened the leash so strained that Mivis cannot act in the shadows. He is not easy to trick, and every meeting with him is a stressful and uncomfortable battle of perception, secrets, and unspoken reading. Aite is sharp, in smile and mind. He shouldn't be underestimated.

♥♥♥♥♥ Wist

Relationship: Allies

The public face of the rebellion, taking orders from Austenite - Mivis. To say that Wist's adoration and respect of Mivis is obvious is... an understatement. And though Mivis struggles to articulate it, he has admiration for Wist in turn - his bravery, his spitfire, his willingness to put himself so wholly at risk for Gamma. It's heroic in all senses of the term. He just wishes Wist could see that about himself.

♥♥♥♥♡ Ophyeo

Relationship: Coworkers

Mivis gets it. Everyone in Gamma has to do what they need to in orer to survive. And they've been that way for centuries, for fears - trapped in survival mode, somewhere between fight and flight and fawn. So he understands when Ophyeo starts cussing out the rebellion, blissfully unaware of Mivis' part in it, and looks to him with too-wide eyes, waiting for approval and a nod. And he gives that nod, gives that approval, because he understands. He only hopes that Ophyeo will be able to settle once they've gotten Gamma back.

♥♥♥♥♡ Brine

Relationship: Coworkers

Mivis is the leader of Gamma, and Ophyeo technically governs the underground. But the real link to the caver Fragments is Brine, Ophyeo's direct subordinate - though many consider him to be a parallel to Mivis on the surface. Much of their communication goes through Ophyeo regardless, but Brine has the sort of hardworking and grounded personality that makes Mivis feel... well, if he's being honest, safe. And sometimes, when Brine gives him a knowing smirk and a roll of the eyes as they both listen to Ophyeo ranting....

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♥♥♥♡♡ Vinnly

Relationship: Friendly

He doesn't hold it against Vinnly, that he was unable to stop Beta. With the grace of hindsight, Mivis can see what an absurd ask it was. Really? One Gammaling, against the murderous, warring, bloodthirsty might of all of Beta? He's embarrassed to have asked. Vinnly seems to have bounced back from his mess of a battle, though. Back to his old self. He keeps getting arrested for suspected involvement in the Gamma rebellions but his clean bill of alibis saves him every time. Sometimes it makes Mivis crack a smile.

♥♥♥♡♡ Nalezastria

Relationship: Friendly

Gamma would be in pieces without Nale. Thank the stars he's been so... constant. Always working hard, always a smile on his face, always chipper and ready to do whatever needs to be done, despite all the suffering Gamma's gone through. It's... in a way, inspirational, to see his peers still trying so hard. Helps him know he needs to keep going.

♥♥♥♡♡ Aneurin

Relationship: Friendly

Someone he works closely with, though he'd be hard-pressed to say they're friends. Aneurin recieves orders, executes them, and returns with reports, like clockwork. He always seems a bit frayed, like he's at the end of his rope, so Mivis tries to push a few vacation days on him or something... but he also can't blame Aneurin for wanting to leave so much. Who would want to see Gamma eternally trapped in this state?

♥♥♥♡♡ Yrviing

Relationship: Friendly

He's a nice, quiet young man. Likes his rocks, likes his underground. Of the cavers, he pisses Ophyeo off the least, which is a testament to his work and stoicness. It's so hard for surfacers to get ahold of him, though - they'd have to go down into the tunnels, and that's a heavy ask. It wouldn't be hard for Mivis if not for the stress and demands of his work, which never stops, but he'd maybe like to get to know Yrviing better.

♥♥♥♡♡ Eyrie

Relationship: Friendly

A more. Erratic caver. Not to soapbox, but oftentimes he grapples with guilt over not being able to make an effort to meet with the caving side of Gamma more. It's half his constituent Fragments, after all, and over half of Gamma's mortal population. The most he knows about Eyrie, really, is whatever Ophyeo complains about and the rare event where all the Gamma Fragments are forced to attend. Eyrie is upbeat, energized, friendly, nice. Maybe... maybe one day when it's all over, he'll have an excuse to leave the surface more often.

♥♥♥♡♡ Pomona

Relationship: Friendly

Pomona has a job, though he... sometimes shirks it. But tasks end up done relatively on time, and Mivis can't find it in himself to chastise Pomona for wanting to focus on pursuing joy in his life instead. He can just pick up the slack for Pomona.

♥♥♥♡♡ Sairset

Relationship: Friendly

He's so glad that Sairset was returned to Gamma. But how can he trust Aite's reasonings? Aite is a snake wrapped in a lie - and, somehow convincing Zirconia to release one of his captives for extra rapport with the cavers... it's not enough. There's something insidious going on, and it bothers Mivis like an uncomfortable itch. He tries not to hold it against Sairset, or let on the tension he feels when he sees the other - it's not his fault. But it's... terrifying.

♥♥♥♡♡ Beia

Relationship: Friendly

He's sorry he couldn't do more for you. He never stops thinking about you and the others that were dragged away. He's never forgotten, and he'll not stop until you're all home. He can only imagine... he's so sorry, Beia.

♡♡♡♡♡ Czenete

Relationship: Enemy

He would've been worse than Aite in some ways. Better in others, maybe. He's just as slimy, but not as conniving. Aite works in the shadows as a matter of habit; Czenete only dips in when he needs. He's uncomfortable to be around, with those smirks, the way he shifts a leg and lets his smile show teeth when he's prodded an angle he shouldn't have. Disgusting bastard.

♡♡♡♡♡ Zirconia

Relationship: Enemy

A paranoid and reactionary Betaling - the two worst traits to have in a powerful supervisor. He's a firecracker, always ready to be set off, a ticking time bomb. He's killed Fragments before, and he mind-fucks every subordinate of his into robothood. He's obsessed with delusions and harbors a persecution complex the size of Gamma itself. Objectively - and Mivis does not say this without knowing the weight of it - the world would be a better place with him dead. His only saving grace? The rest of Beta knows he's crazy, too, and he keeps them busy.


  • Mivis, who had originally been in charge of Gamma's governing council, helped broker the alliance that allowed Beta to scope the Timeline and properly plan its invasion. The guilt's a hard pill.
  • The Austenite persona was crafted as a way for Mivis to communicate to the rebellion without compromising his identity when captured rebels would inevitably be mind-read. He communicates with various puppet bodies hidden around Gamma's huge network of tunnels, and isn't afraid to destroy compromised ones.
  • Likes going swimming, but doesn't have a lot of time for recreation anymore - manages the rebellion when he's off work.
  • Very quickly deduced that Aite was the best Beta Fragment to have actually fallen under the power of, as Aite doesn't mind-alter any of his (Frag) subordinates and seems to genuinely just want augmetia for his own Beta politics.

Art Reference

Reference image.

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  • I'm still working on a fullbody, gimme a minute.
  • Left half of fur is whiteish, right half is creamish. Freckles over muzzle.
  • Pink eyelashes. It's all natural baybee.
  • Wears blue metal bangles on his horns. They clink when he walks around.
  • Tail is shaped like an eel. Edges are not fur, but shiny membrane.
  • Usually looking serious of some sort. Puts on a tired face around Beta bastards, plays up being a bit sassy but broken.

Generic Anatomy Notes

  • Muzzles are small and boxy, and they don't have a kitty or dog nose.
  • Eyes can be stylized as you'd normally draw.
  • Please note that they have four fingers and three toes.
  • If the character has glasses, don't omit them!

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