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Fragment Faction: Unaffiliated


In-between the great movements of the powerful factions of Fragments, the Coalition of Reality and its enemies, squirms life. Voidspace is vast and endless, and Fragments flourish across it, forming their own small bands or staking out as individuals. They reject the COR's overbearing rule, but maintain their own scruples and their own goals, separate from one another. Some may find themselves allied, while others merely wish for their home Timeline's independent safety. Regardless of their wishes, they are grouped together here, sorted by the small assemblies they have formed.

Table of Contents

The Spire / The Bitter Scope / The Dreamrider / Black Market /
Sundae's Haven / Triple One Hundred / The Great Pink Sea / Others

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The Spire

A strange and desolate Timeline, once devoid of mortals
and filled with an alien conceptual wavelength.
Brief Information

Beyond Hope's Ocean

A reserved Frag with the ability to communicate with Timelines and diagnose causes of instability. Despite this boon, they prefer to stay safely within the Spire.

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Fearlock Rigid

A scam artist who spends his days away from the Spire, visiting Timelines close to destruction to steal artifacts and people... to resell after their collapses.

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An outdoorsy and rough Frag with low empathy and little interest in other people, whose time is spent exploring the outer towers or at Nervous Dew's side.

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Frigid Wind

The most public Frag hailing from the Spire, riddled with trauma over his ability to render gold inert and the problems such a boon has brought him.

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Hail by Glacier

A hyperempathetic Fragment who considers his Spire-given power to be a curse, able to remove the pain of others by absorbing it as physical wounds on himself.

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Ivy Trellis

The leader of the Spire, having inherited it after the kidnapping of those previous. Her calm nature belies insecurity at her position and a burning drive to prove herself.

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A shy Frag who lost their Spire-given ability after being kidnapped and tortured during the wars, and now tries to garden peacefully and repair their life.

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Melli masks his self-serving and manipulative nature under a exuberant exterior, keeping his power of mimicking others's conceptual wavelengths secret.

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Nervous Dew

An anxious Frag who struggles to mitigate stress through any means. Had two children with Fremyn, the first in the Spire, who were promptly adopted out.

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New Moon

The magically-gifted adopted child of the original Spire leaders, eager to fill the great expectations placed on him and protect his homeland from outsiders.

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A failed attempt at immortality - a robot made to preserve the mind of a brilliant mage, but foreign magic introduced during the War unravelled them into a new person.

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Shy and easily-flustered, Powdersnow has taken it upon himself to serve as the Spire's tired ambassador, stemming the tide of researchers, tourists, and invaders.

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River Pebble

Ivy's boyfriend who oft seems ditzy at first glance. Behind his cheerful persona is an observant, adaptive Frag with an ability to alter other's conceptual wavelengths.

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The Serpent in the Water

Presumed lost when they were kidnapped during the Spire's many wars, but joyfully rediscovered later - though as an enigmatic leader of a Black Market gang.

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The Bitter Scope

A swath of Timelines unified in their harsh frigidness,
ruled partially by the orphan Fragment Meleph.


A conqueror bearing a Dijamant Blessing, who took an interest in the Spire for its abilities during the War. Though he failed to capture it then, he harbors plans to later.

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The Dreamrider

A pocket Timeline that can travel through voidspace,
offering help and assistance to all it comes across.


The idealistic, cheerful, and optimistic founder of the Dreamrider and its beloved leader, blessed heavily by Polumesec with dreams that can affect reality.

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A self-depreciating Frag hailing from a collapsed Timeline alongside Trylliant. Trauma over their inability to save it has left Perle anxious and overprotective of Tryl.

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A serious Frag hailing from a collapsed Timeline alongside Perle. Together, they sought a new life - Tryl finding one as Mylith's stalwart advisor and lover.

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Underground / Black Market

A network of hidden places and people, shops bustling
with illegal items, the sale of mortals, and cutthroat politics.

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Sundae's Haven

Broken away from the Coalition, the Haven
remains a safe place for Fragments to live out mortal-esque lives....


An ex-Overseer who fled the COR to form a safe place for exhausted and burnt-out Frags to live more peaceful lives, away from the stress of responsibility.

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Sundae's most stalwart and loyal companion, supporting and following him in every endeavor he's ever taken with a wide grin. His crush on Sundae is no real secret.

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Triple One Hundred (AAA-100)

Filled to the brim with Fragments and few mortals,
its reputation for being the most populous Frag-only Timeline is well-earned.

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The Great Pink Sea (AA-91)

Filled with a magic-dense magenta ocean,
the Sea produces Frags almost yearly, oft sending them off to the COR.


With both Wage and Xiphi absent - both of whom he dearly misses - Aurore has risen up as the Sea's leader, though his laidback attitude can be questionable.

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An emotionally volatile Frag who harbors a sea of resentment towards Wage for acting selfish and impulsive by abandoning them. Very vocal about his critiques.

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A zealous member of the Sea who places Wage on an idealized pedestal, admiring his confidence and self-assuredness, and longs for his eventual return as leader.

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Others & Individuals

A miscellaneous grouping for those who do not
belong to any one Timeline or faction.


Though Heaven hails from the Spire, he has long since shed that part of his identity, passing as an orphan Fragment simply interested in rare Mag-related curios.

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Key to Life

A dour and skeptical Frag who investigates strange Timelines to catalogue them and try to discern the conceptual source of their unique properties.

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A powerful Frag and scientist living in a small pocket Timeline, churning experiments to grow a "perfect" Fragment... definition pending. In love with Taffy...?

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A vigilante, freeing Timelines from dictators and enacting justice on wronged Fragments - though this makes him quite unpopular with both the COR and its detractors.

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With a past full of... ahem, antics, Taffy has always relied on his innocent and unassuming persona. At least, until he found permanent safety at Ophion's lab.

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