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Fragment Faction: Mag Cultists


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Table of Contents

The Hive / Diamond Collective / Lily of the Sands /
Friends of Affine / Osculamdere Pavilion / Four Winds /
Great Grand Stellated Cell / Night Acolytes / Edgeless Advocates

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The Hive

A buzzing hivemind headed by Shestiguolnik, the largest cult
always eager to expand its influence.
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Adrenaline B-89430

An especially persistent Adrenaline who happened to befriend Kolo during a scheduled Hive check-in visit and hasn't stopped resonating or loving him since.

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Adrenaline NVK-743

Originally a failsafe as NVK-743 integrated into the Hive, his meeting with (and subsequent attraction to) Kolo shifted the trajectory of "Dede's" interests.

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A longtime friend of Sessy and the inspiration for the Hive as Sessy sought to help him, whose passionate energy and kind smile are a light to everyone he meets.

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Norepinephrine NVK-743

The first ranking military leader of the Solidarity of Endoverse, Norep retired after ending the war that killed many lesser gods, including his resurrected partner, Sero.

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Serotonin NVK-743

Though he died during the war in his Timeline, this feral Sero was revived by his Norep as a zombie and augmented with robotic parts to mitigate the damage.

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Uriel E-784

Once a devoted member of the Diamond Collective, Uriel left - much to Dijamant's shock - to join Sessy, a god he found far more deserving of worship.

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The Diamond Collective

The devoted followers of Dijamant, a cult spanning over three thousand Timelines
though heavy restrictions have been placed on its growth....
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Allocer C-213

Once, Sessy's guard alongside Uriel, cast out of his colony. Now, the sole defector from the Hive to the Collective, reenergized and reimagined in his new home.

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Allocer E-784

One of the best resonators that voidspace has ever seen, oft loaned out to researchers... partially due to Dij's distaste for his diamond-induced arrogance.

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Norepinephrine H-14

Experienced governmental head of his home universe, Norep was opportunistic and achieved Gladar-hood, a Blessing, and Roh's coveted position in his absence.

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An orphan Fragment - and highest ranking devotee of Dijamant. He's spent some time in and out of his God's beloved fold, but recently returned, permanently.

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Serotonin H-14

A Sero who grew more independent and mature after his Norep left to head the Collective. After healing from a rough patch, he sometimes visits to bring HQ lunch.

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Uriel D-114

A prideful and protective replacement for the Uriel that abandoned the Collective, who grew into his own through determination to prove his worth and position.

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Worshippers of the Lily of the Sands

A small series of Timelines under Prizma's control,
with the centermost devoted to him and his desert-temple.
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The nervous but dedicated high priest of the Lily, serving Prizma for a number of years in dutiful-but-resigned worship, and typically the one to scold Prizma's laziness.

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The Friends of Affine

A tiny brotherhood of cultists who claim to worship a Mag
that no one else has ever heard of or seen....
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Once a warlord who threatened the COR, Ome was cast down by Sessy and left in awe of the Mags. To this end, he follows Affine, eager to see how he develops.

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The Osculamdere Pavilion

A cult so secretive that their existence is uncertain,
though claims of a water-filled complex of gazebos echo....
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A bearer of the rare Kolo Blessing and resonating highly with circular concepts, Ovy has led the Pavilion since its founding as a gentle but mischief-loving advisor.

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Acolytes of the Night

A small cult dedicated to the two Mags of the night,
Polumesec - crescents - and Zvezda - stars.
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The most public and well-known Acolyte, capable of speaking spells into scrolls - which she sells, often to the COR. She considers herself a pragmatist, and loves Polum.

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