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Hi! This isn't quite ready yet, but thanks for peeking anyways!

Table of Contents

Alpha & Omega
The Dragonhost / The Omens

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Alpha and Omega

The beginning and ending.

Heart of the World

The knot that ties the world together, holds it taught, and creator of everything in existence. Forced isolation in the Rose Castle has soured his love of the Dragonhost...

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The ender of the world, as spoken by the Source-All. But when he opened his eyes, he fell in love with every corner of it, every little light - and now shirks his duty.

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The Dragonhost

The gods of the world, made by the Heart
to serve as its guardians and protectors.

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The Omens

Those who herald the coming of the Harbinger,
his servants and followers, in opposition to the Dragonhost.

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