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Cities of Ash


Hi! This isn't quite ready yet, but thanks for peeking anyways!
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Table of Contents

Artemis' Group / Artur's Group / God-Hunters / Standing City

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Artemis' Group

A small band of adventurers traveling
to the Standing City, led by Artemis.


Once known as Godblood Leech, now the the guilty inheritor of the mantle of godhood, struggling to maintain his sanity among flashes of egotism, power, and stress.

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Harmonic of the Heavenly Sphere who fled the world when the god-hunts began. Now, he tentatively distributes miracles out of guilt for his cowardice.

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A jack-of-all-trades who joined the group because Artemis remembered his kindness during a stint as a nurse. Tries to be the moral compass for everyone.

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A mysterious nobody with a limp in the leg and a surprising array of skills. He says he's only here to protect Inti, but that can't be the whole truth....

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Artur's Group

A party of miracle-workers traveling to praise
the godhood of Artur, the Star of the East, former god-hunter.

Artur / Tuuri

Once the Star of the East, now one of the few remaining gods after the end of the world. He travels across it with his companions, preaching his superiority.

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Artur's protege, who awoke in the post-apocalypse with a plethora of godmagic in his veins. Such a gift has led him down a path of arrogance and ego.

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Once a disgraced heiress to a corporation harvesting godblood, now traumatized deeply by his hand in the world's end, seeking cheap comforts as distraction.

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A priest of the gods who became disillusioned with their weakness when they dropped like flies has now found a new deity to dedicate worship and devotion to: Artur.

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An Immortal who helped nurse Artur to health after the apocalypse, and became his loyal and dedicated follower, willingly doing the group's dirty work.

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Other God-Hunters

Those who once raised swords against the gods,
scattered now, struggling to find themselves in the new world.
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One of the most adept godhunters, and by leagues the coldest professional of the group. He seeks to eliminate Ocypete, finishing the job they started.

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Harvester Red

Cold and methodical, Harvester's prepwork for a god-killing was once legendary. But she failed to take down a Harmonic, leaving her to fade to near-obscurity.

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Sea's Diviner

Often characterized as incompetent, many were surprised when they took down a Harmonic & Chaotic on their lonesome. They now help run South Coast City.

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View of the Sunrise

Sharing a parent company with Godscourge, View was always seen as lesser. But now, as founder of South Coast City, he has taken on a new life as protector of mortals.

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The Standing City

A beacon of hope lights up the new world,
managed by a god who survived against all odds.
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The creator and patron of the Standing City, a god who survived the hunters and the end of the world, seeking to create a utopia for those left.

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